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Edgar Fitness

Get access to fitness program online. The full package also provides users with a meal plan. Train everywhere.

99 €
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  • Entry date: Mon – Sun
  • Time: 12 Week
  • Nutrition Plan: Yes


Edgar Calisthetics

Downloadable Fitness program + FREE Nutrition Plan

99 €
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  • Entry date: Mon – Sun
  • Time: 12 weeks
  • Nutrition Plan: Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i buy only a diet or training programme ?

Yes you can! Diet program only 99€ and Training program 99€ separately. But I suggest you take the whole packet.

Q: Do i need to purchase the whole 12 weeks ?

In my experience the 12 week is minimum to gain results, this is where it starts. But you can choose custom plan and we will figure it our.

Q: Do i need to have a fitness background?

Absolutely not. My aim is to get everybody involved. I do work with seniors, youngsters, transformation and with athletes.

Q: Can i have more one on one sessions?

Absolutely yes. Let us sort this out.

Q: What if i dont achieve my goal in 12 weeks ?

Then you will get your next 12 week package -50% 😉

Q: Where will the training take place ?

My main areas are in Liikuntamylly or local gyms where the client is a member. In summer i also use the parks and street style workouts.

Q: Is one on one coaching good for me ?

You will be matched up with a personal coach from my team that I personally know and vouch for! Your personal coach that will help motivate you, keep you on track towards achieving your goals, and answer any questions you have.

Q: What will i get in my 12 weeks ?

Whether you are wanting to meet your own fitness goals, or are wanting to assistance for competition, your coach will design a personalized program to assist you with achieving your goals + full attention towards your well being.

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